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Here at zeetex.com.au we have articles and resources that covers a comprehensive range of topics relevant for people who love and take care of their pride and joy. Here you can find information on topics from basic performance tips to advanced JDM performance modifications, from advice on maintaining your stock interior to ECU remapping.

Cars are an integral part of Australian culture. We love our cars and are fascinated by them. This notion should not come as a surprise since Australia’s level of car ownership is the second highest in the world. Compared to Europe, we have more roads per capita and consequently we have the highest fuel consumption per capita in the world. Only canadians and americans outstrip australians in terms of distance travelled by wheeled vehicles.

We love our cars and we enjoy driving them. Car ownership is challenging and rewarding. This is why zeetex.com.au is the right place for you. On this website you will find a wealth of resources about caring for and improving your car’s performance. Even if you go all stock, we have tips and advice for squeezing the best possible stock performance; efficient driving techniques to optimize fuel consumption; and, proper application of your car’s power.

For the performance nut, go through a wide array of resources and links on tweaks that you can do yourself to improve your current setup. Or find new ideas on modifications that are suitable for your ride by reviewing what others have done for their rides.

Those just starting out can also gain a wealth of basic and advanced knowledge so that you can discuss your requirements properly with your tune shop. Learn about new and exciting car technologies that are set to raise your driving experience.

Your old and battered pride and joy is really just a diamond in the rough. Spruce it up with some detailing or a full on restoration. Zeetex has a wealth of tips, advice and information on car detailing and restoration to keep you on track when you start your project “car”.

Check on different techniques, methods and equipment that experts are using as well as some do-it-yourself stuff that you need. More importantly, Zeetex can get you in touch with detailers and restorers who have the right expertise to handle your car.

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Caring for and maintaining your stock unit could also be just as fulfilling as performance tweaking and customization. Learn the best and proper techniques for washing your car and maintaining its showroom shine and finish. Understand the importance of waxing and polishing especially under the conditions of the Australian climate.
One of the biggest frustrations for car lovers is when they are involved in an accident. Zeetex also has information on the challenges that come with car ownership and even guide about tow bars agencies such as Tow Bars Brisbane. We understand that when it comes to your pride and joy, only the best quality service will do. For example, read our most recent article on what to do after an accident and what you need to consider when thinking about the panel beater or smash repair service that you will need.