• Basic Considerations in ECU Remaps
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    Remapping used to be the sole domain of performance junkies who wanted to squeeze every last bit of power out of their cars. It required a lot of technical know-how and, in the early cases, some trial and error. Get it right and you would have a rocket; the wrong settings would have gotten you a junker.


    Today, remapping/chip tuning/chipping — whatever term is used to describe it — has become accessible to anyone who owns a car with an ECU. It is done by simply connecting to your OBD port and the software is installed through a laptop PC.

    Chip tuning experts can attest to the performance and fuel efficiency gains of remapping on both petrol and diesel engines. In fact, the techniques and technology have evolved to make ever greater customization possible. For as long as the tuning is done by a professional, the process is relatively painless and safe. The cost will vary depending on what you need done for your car.

    The ECU controls many of your car’s functions. It determines the amount of fuel that is injected as well as many other aspects of your car’s overall performance. Straight out of the factory the settings on your ECU are set at levels way-below potential and/or peak performance.

    Manufacturer’s deliberately set the ECU this way since they cannot be sure of the running environment in which the car will be used. Remember that most manufacturers produce the car in one country and then sells it around the world. Factors such as fuel quality, legislation and regulations, even weather and climate will have an effect on the car’s reliability.

    Manufacturers would rather release a car at less than optimal tuning to ensure reliability over a broad range of driving conditions and ownership. Not all people love their cars like you do. Fuel quality differs across many countries and regions. To ensure that the car performs reliably in any of these differing conditions stock, out-of-the factory performance is one size fits all.


    There are a few things you need to watch out for before you actually have it done. These four are the basics.


    Regular Maintenance. When your car’s tuning is optimized, you have to be conscientious about maintenance. Regular and consistent car servicing will ensure that your car runs well for a long, long time. Talk to your professional chip tuner to find out the potential costs and benefits with the remap configuration you have in mind.

    Professional Remap. Look for a reliable, professional service shop who can do the chip tuning. It would be great if they also have the right equipment to immediately test the results of the remap. This way you can even fine tune the settings before you leave their shop.

    Manufacturer warranty. In most cases, it will void your manufacturer warranty. However, there have been reports where manufacturers have either turned a blind eye to the remap or even encouraged the chip tuning. But these are still rare cases. Be aware of the implications on your car’s warranty.

    Your insurance provider. Let your insurance provider know about it. In most cases, it will mean additional insurance costs for you. Aside from needing to update your vehicle information to reflect the remap, some insurers increase the cost of your premiums.

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  • That Moment After a Car Accident
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    It’s almost inevitable. Accidents, minor and major, happen all the time and now it has happened to you. Your pride and joy has taken the brunt of the damage and you, thankfully, walked away without a scratch.

    Don’t worry, you are not alone. It can happen to anyone. Even the best and safest drivers get involved in driving accidents. Hopefully yours, just like most of the accidents in Australia, is just a minor mishap. Set your mind at ease, any accident that you walk away from is always the best type of accident.

    car accident

    In repair terms, if all you need is a panel beater to repair your car, you’re already ahead. Expert panel beaters can save and restore the looks of your pride and joy quickly so you don’t need to fret.


    Right after the accident

    The moments after the incident are important. Turn off your engine and switch on your hazard warning lights. Check if you have injuries and then look around if others are injured. Step out of and away from your vehicle but keep off the road. If it was just a minor accident, the safest thing to do is move the cars off the road. If needed, call for emergency services or police, whichever is more urgently needed, and wait for them to arrive.

    car crash

    You need to keep calm. There is no use getting angry and agitated, if you do it will only inflame an already bad situation. With your wits about you, you are better equipped to handle the situation and small nuances that may have implications for future claims.

    Never admit responsibility for the incident, even if it appears as though it was your fault. Doing so might affect your rights and the insurance processing. Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible and don’t forget to exchange pertinent information with the driver of the other car. Your insurance provider should be able to work with all the parties involved in the accident to determine liabilities.


    Don’t forget about your car

    You’ve kept your cool throughout that difficult moment right after the accident. All the immediate to-dos are ticked off, now it’s time to really examine your car.

    Depending on the severity of the accident you will either need smash repairs or panel beaters. Major accidents will usually require smash repairs because aside from the more apparent damage, there is structural damage to the safety and integrity of your car.


    There are many smash repair shops around the city who can offer plenty of value-added services to make the whole situation less inconvenient. Your insurer might have their preferred service provider but you can also choose your own as long as they can work with your insurance company.

    If you can’t drive your car, then it’s best to get in touch with a repairer who can provide towing services to wherever you had your accident. Some car owners who have been involved in accidents have also hired independent assessors who can check, validate and assess the repairs that have been done.

    Less severe accidents may require the services of a good panel beater in Melbourne. They can totally erase any damage during the accident and restore your car’s good looks. Depending on the characteristics of the damage, panel beaters can restore the original look and finish of damaged car panels quickly. You can either look for this service through your insurance provider or find one on your own.

    Cheap will not always mean the best, so it’s important that you thoroughly check out the shop. Look for a quality panel beater who can do the repairs quickly. Shoddy work will just result in more problems down the road. It’s your pride and joy, it’s best that you spend for quality repairs.

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  • Wash and Wax Advice
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    Maintaining that showroom mirror-like finish is a challenge for any car owner, but it is also one of the most rewarding aspects of ownership. Regular washing and waxing is the easiest way to keep your car looking fresh and clean all the time.

    Whether you wash your car yourself or visit one of those hand car wash shops, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

    Pressurized water for washing. This is perhaps one of the strongest arguments for washing your car yourself at home.car wash

    Those machines that shoot pressurized water to wash away the dirt and grime on your car before soap is applied, that’s really not good for your car’s paint. The high pressure water tends to strip wax and clear gloss faster. In turn, when your car is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, your paint tends to fade faster. I’m pretty sure you have seen cars with roofs and hoods that seem to have a lighter color compared to its body panels.

    The best way to wash your car is using water right from the tap through a regular garden hose. When you point the water at your car, make sure it hits it at an angle. The idea is to simulate hard rain hitting your car.


    Regular waxing and polishing. Waxing and polishing your car is not only about that really attractive mirror-like finish that looks awesome from any angle. It’s also about protecting your paint from fading and discoloration.

    Your car’s paint contains a certain amount of moisture, which keeps it flexible so it can expand and contract as the weather changes. Without this moisture, your paint finish will develop those ugly cracks and fade. Also keep in mind that Australia has a very dry climate that tends to strip away moisture faster.


    A good wax coating should not only give you that deep, deep shine. It should be able to fill up the light swirl marks and help prevent your paint from drying up and cracking. The best wax finishes often involve layering several brands and types of wax to make the coating durable. Good layering will ensure that your wax coating is not washed away everytime you wash your car.

    If you choose to wash and wax your car yourself. Apply the wax with the type of foam applicator that has a microfibre cloth wrapping. That uses less wax and spreads it more evenly. When waxing, keep in mind that it’s now how much you apply, it’s how evenly you spread it.

    Also, apply the wax in straight lines not in circular motions. Why? In case, some debris gets onto your applicator, the swirl marks that results will be in straight lines. Swirl marks that are straight are much more difficult to see compared to circular swirl marks.

    A rotary buffer is best for waxing off but it does take some practice to do it right. A little elbow grease and a microfibre cloth will be just as effective. Again, wax off following straight lines. Specifically, the straight lines should be parallel to how the wind hits your car.

    Washing your car yourself will take some time and effort. You would think it’s time and energy better spent on something else. It’s really a labor of love. When you care for your car and it’s mirror-like finish grabs that second-look from people, you will understand.

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